Long Term Care Strategies

Find Strategies to Overcome Fears

There are a myriad of questions to answer when considering long-term care. Should your client rely on medicaid, their assets/income or do they look at transferring the risk through the use of insurance? If insurance, then what is the right type & amount of coverage and how long is coverage needed? Will inflation be important and what additional benefits could the policy provide? There is a lot to consider and CompEdge is here to help advisors and their clients:

  • Learn about insurance and non-insurance options.
  • Determine insurability.
  • Have a meaningful conversation about costs...both today and tomorrow.

Leave it to us to help pave the way to determining what strategy(ies) will best help your clients protect against a long term care event.

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Providing You with Sales Support

CompEdge Consultants can even be available for meetings to help reiterate the benefits of various strategies to your clients. We help make sure your clients walk away knowing that while the impact of a long-term care event can be devastating that they have taken the necessary steps to limit the impact to them and their loved ones.

Get an Edge
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