Long Term Care

Navigate Long-Term Care with Confidence

70% of Americans aged 65+ will have a long-term care event. For a couple aged 65+, there is a 91% chance that at least one will experience a long-term care event during their lifetime.

Unanticipated long-term care costs can have a devastating impact on any financial portfolio. Because the likelihood is high and the impact is severe, advisors should make long-term care a part of every financial plan. CompEdge provides the resources to handle tough conversations with confidence.

We Help Advisors

  • Understand all the insurance and non-insurance options 

  • Determine the insurability of their clients

  • Have a meaningful conversation about costs, both now and in the future

By answering these questions, our team can help you recommend the best strategy to protect your clients against a long-term care event.

Earn Trust with Knowledge

There are many questions to answer when considering long-term care. Should your client rely on Medicaid, their assets and income, or transfer the risk through insurance?

If insurance is the answer, what is the right type and how much? How long is the coverage needed?

Will inflation be significant? What benefits should the policy provide?

CompEdge is here to help advisors cut through the noise.

Providing You with Sales Support

CompEdge Consultants are an expert in your corner. We’re always available for client meetings, and can help explain the benefits of long-term care insurance to your clients.