Is an Annuity the Missing Piece to Completing Your Client’s Retirement Puzzle?

63% of American surveyed fear outliving their money in retirement more than death itself.

The reality is people are living longer & therefore retirements are lasting longer than ever before. This is great news but it is important to understand that longevity is a risk multiplier. The longer your clients live the greater the likelihood they will outlive their assets, experience another recession, lose purchasing power on their income and/or experience an extended healthcare event. Do your client's have a plan for longevity and the risks it may bring? There is no perfect strategy to mitigate these fears but annuities can play a key role in helping overcome these risks. Give us a call and let’s find out if an annuity could be a good step towards helping your clients piece together their retirement puzzle.

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Reduce Anxiety

Help Reduce Client Anxiety

It is the unknowns in retirement that give your clients the most anxiety. That is why it is of utmost importance to discuss these risks and implement a plan to overcome them well in advance of retirement!

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Custom Strategies to Mitigate Varied Risks

At CompEdge we have a knack for breaking down a client’s income and assets as they near retirement in order to see how an annuity with a portion of their funds could enhance their overall retirement income picture.

We work with advisors to develop a custom strategy to mitigate as many risks as possible while ensuring that any annuity is in balance with other assets the client(s) may have.

Strategies include:

  • Bucket planning
  • Income layering

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Annuity Experts

Support from an Expert Team

In addition to building strategies, we can assist in running illustrations for your clients and provide you with talking points as to how the specific strategies we recommend have the benefits needed to enhance their overall retirement picture. We will even jump on the phone with you and your clients to help explain the benefits and answer any questions either you or your client have.

We assit with:

  • Running illustrations
  • Providing you with client talking points
  • Joining calls with your clients
  • Answering questions either you or your client may have

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