Life Insurance

Customized Life Insurance Solutions

CompEdge represents many of the top insurance carriers in the industry. Whether your client’s needs are big or small, permanent or temporary, we help you build a seamless insurance strategy.

How We’re Different:

  • Business Support to help you go from identifying prospects to closing deals with ease.
  • A Knowledgeable Team to help you find optimal solutions for your clients.
  • Time Saving Tools to help with underwriting inquiry management and product comparison.

Answering the Questions that Lead to Protection

As an advisor, it is your goal to coach your clients on the gift of life insurance.

How much coverage is needed? Is the need permanent or temporary? Which companies and products meet their needs? How do you meet their needs while sticking to their budget?

Our consultants help answer these questions for you and your clients. We help advisors build customized plans and then provide the client support you need to seal the deal.

Our consultants are always available to join client calls and help explain the details of specific plans and recommendations.

With CompEdge, your clients get a team of experts working to secure their future.