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Whether it be to protect a paycheck, cover a mortgage or pay for a college education, people don’t want their loved ones to just "get by" should they pass...they want them to thrive. Dealing with death is hard enough but knowing your loved ones can be financially squared away through the gift of life insurance at your death can eventually allow them to do just that...THRIVE.

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Life Insurance

And CompEdge is here to help!

As an independent marketing organization, we represent many of the top life insurance carriers in the industry and the products they have to offer. Whether your client’s insurance needs are big or small, permanent or temporary we can help take the information you provide and turn it into a seamless insurance strategy geared towards helping your client’s loved ones excel should something happen to them.




  • Knowledgeable Team

    Knowledgeable Team

  • Comparison Tools

    Comparison Tools

  • Underwriting Inquirey Process

    Underwriting Inquiry Process

CompEdge provides you with a team of knowledgeable consultants backed by resources that allow us to compare benefits and costs of various life insurance policies to help you identify the strategy your client is looking for. But benefits and costs are only as good as the underwriting that determines what those benefits and costs look like.

Therefore we also offer the advisors we work with our customized Underwriting Inquiry Process. This process allows us to take basic health information about your clients to our carriers and gather their thoughts as to what rate class and benefits they may be able to offer to protect your clients.

This helps us ensure that we find the right combination of underwriting, benefits and costs the first time!

Answering the Questions that Lead to Protection

As advisors, it is your goal to coach your clients through what the gift of life insurance should look like if they were to pass. What is the right amount of coverage to protect one’s family and is the need for insurance permanent, temporary or both? Which company(ies) and product(s) best meet their needs? How do you meet their needs while sticking to their budget?

To help answer these questions our consultants will not only help you build a customized plan but can be available for calls with your clients to effectively communicate the benefits of our recommendations as well. This helps establish trust and lets your clients know that when they work with you that they get numerous individuals all working towards securing their future.

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Answering Questions